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Tropical Research Advisory

Tropical Research Advisory Committee

We can call on independent experts in various fields for advice on our research programmes. Together, these form our Tropical Research Advisory Committee (TRAC). Formed in 1993, the committee also supplies editorial comments on our publications and we provide the facility for members to conduct research at our field sites. TRAC consists of university lecturers, taxonomists, scientists and specialists, some of whom are ex-Frontier staff or old contacts from past projects. They are divided into TRAC marine, and TRAC terrestrial advisors, according to their specialist interests. All Frontier publications have been reviewed by TRAC members prior to publication.

TRAC guidance is sought when a project output manuscript has been approved by LHQ for submission to a peer-reviewed publication. At least three TRAC members with specialist experience in the subject area of the manuscript are contacted to review the manuscript. TRAC have various other essential functions. These include:

  • Reviewing articles produced by field staff
  • Reviewing technical reports
  • Identifying specimens
  • Providing advice on new projects
  • Providing advice on current projects and research
  • Aiding with the procurement of grants
  • Providing comments on reports for external collaborators and donors

We seek new TRAC advisors occasionally, especially when we set up new projects.

Current TRAC Committee Members

Terrestrial/ Wildlife

  • Dr George Argent Edinburgh Botanical Gardens
  • Nicola Beharrell University of Reading*
  • Dr Neil Burgess World Wildlife Fund, USA
  • Mike Brewin*
  • Alan Channing University of Western Cape
  • Dr Gabor Csorba Hungarian Natural History Museum
  • Tim Davenport Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Dr Klass-Douwe Dijkstra National Museum of Natural History Naturalis
  • Simon Dunes*
  • David Emmett Conservation International*
  • Roy Gereau Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Mary Gibby Royal Botanical Gardens Kew
  • Steve Goodman Field Museum of Natural History
  • Matthew Grainger*
  • Tim Halliday Open University
  • Kim Howell University of Dar es Salaam
  • Dr Richard Jenkins University of Aberdeen*
  • Raymond Killenga
  • Sabina Knees Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh
  • Dieter Kock
  • Dr Jon Lovett University of York
  • Frank Mbago University of Dar es Salaam
  • John Measey University of Western Cape
  • David Moyer Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Masoud Muruke UDSM
  • Herman Mwageni WWF
  • Evarist Nashanda Forestry and Beekeeping Division
  • John O'Brien University College, Dublin
  • Annette Olssen Conservation International*
  • Nisha Owen University of Leeds*
  • Graeme Patterson Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Dr Peter Phillipson Missouri Botanical Gardens
  • Prof. John Poynton British Museum of Natural History
  • Dominic Price Plantlife International
  • Paul Racey
  • Achille Raselimanana WWF
  • Christopher Raxworthy American Museum of Natural History
  • Alan Rodgers UNDP
  • John Salehe UNDP
  • Stephen Spawls Consultant Herpetologist
  • William Stanley The Field Museum
  • Leigh Stubblefield DFID*
  • Philip Thomas Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
  • Rob Timmins Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Alexandra Wortley Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh
  • Dr Chris Yesson University of Reading*

Marine/ Coastal/ Wetlands

  • David Barnes
  • Prof. Peter Burbridge University of Newcastle
  • Rachel Cavanagh IUCN shark specialist*
  • Mr Andrew Cooke Marine Conservation expert, Madagascar*
  • Dr Will Darwall World Conservation Monitoring Centre*
  • Dr Nicholas Duvlvy CEFAS; Simon Fraser University, Canada*
  • Dr Alisdair Edwards University of Newcastle
  • Julius Francis WIOMSA
  • Martin Guard
  • Chris Horrill IUCN*
  • Stephen Mangi York University
  • Andy McGowan University of Exeter
  • Chris Mees Fisheries Management
  • George Msumi Mafia Island Marine Park
  • Dr Graeme Patterson Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Man Wai Rabenevanana University of Toliara
  • Jason Rubens WWF Tanzania*
  • Prof. Rupert Ormond Millport Marine Biological Station
  • Melita Samoilys IUCN
  • Steve Simpson University of Edinburgh
  • Mark Spalding The Ocean Foundation
  • Dr Tom Spencer University of Cambridge
  • Dr Damon Stanwell-Smith Pelagial Company*
  • Mark Whittington Pelagial Company*

*ex-Frontier staff