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UK Interns

Sofia Regalado Conservation Outreach Intern

Sofia Regalado - Conservation Outreach Intern

My internship at Frontier has provided me an arsenal of new skills and experiences. From day one, I was juggling a wide range of tasks that I had never been exposed to before. One of the best things about working at Frontier is even though it's a London based job, it was part of my job to be constantly reading and keeping up to date with conservation projects in beautiful and ecologically vital locations all around the world, and also seeing pictures of current volunteers there. The research Frontier does is invaluable and it's great to see an organization implementing long term projects and building relationships with communities in countries that need help managing their natural resources and protecting their local wildlife. 

I studied environmental science so it was really a pleasure to get to read and write about wildlife conservation. My role as an intern was a crossover between research and communications so I was able to get a lot of experience in both conservation and marketing. In the marketing department I learnt many skills and my manager taught us to use software like Google Analytics that I know I’ll be able to transfer to my next job and it will come in very useful throughout my career. I was also exposed to the general ins and outs of an NGO and what it takes to run it smoothly - most importantly team effort and being highly organised!

I also got to go around the UK a bit for events and talks, and it was a fun way of visiting very random places I would probably never go to otherwise. In terms of office environment, Frontier is a great place to work. It's in Shoreditch which makes it a fun lunch break and the office has a lot of character. While I was here I got to meet so many people with a huge variety of interests and from different backgrounds and nationalities. Everyone I’ve worked alongside has been friendly, helpful and very supportive. I would definitely recommend an internship at Frontier to anyone because you’ll grow as much as you push yourself. 

October 2019 - February 2020

Aisha Benmeriem Online Journalism Intern

Aisha Benmeriem - Online Journalism Intern

My Frontier journey has given me great exposure to everything communication, where I have gained extensive experience working alongside the marketing team in ensuring everything online is presentable and perfect. From the beginning, I was given complete autonomy in researching, writing and communicating as I pleased.

My role as an Online Journalism intern has allowed me to develop my own unique way of writing and has given me a creative mindset on how to form and structure online media. Working in conservation has also broadened my knowledge of wildlife, the environment and conservation in general.

I know that the work I have produced for the company has been helpful and everything the company does is geared towards conservation to save the planet.

I truly enjoyed reading, editing and managing the Frontier Into the Wild blog. This role was interesting as I was conducting a lot of research for future articles. The role allowed me to schedule my time and keep me on my toes. I was in charge of researching and creating Frontier’s online weekly newsletters. This definitely developed my creative side, giving me an understanding of how Mailchimp works.

I was also fortunate to go out the office and represent Frontier at many University and school events across the country. This boosted my morale in talking to big groups of people as well as maintaining contacts for the company.

Additionally, the professional, yet friendly environment at work has given me great colleagues I can keep in contact with. The marketing manager has been really hopeful in guiding me through marketing terminology and assisting me with any marketing tasks. Everyone at the company is genuinely passionate about conservation and you can tell that they all care very much about the importance of the environment.

Overall, my experience at Frontier has been fulfilling. The work I have created is being publicised and well distributed on the frontier website and I feel like I have gained all the experience that was offered and more. 

December 2019 - February 2020

Gillian Parnin Digital Marketing Intern

Gillian Parnin - Digital Marketing Intern

The time I spent at Frontier as an intern from October to December 2019 was a memorable one for me as it was rich in experience sharing and helped me discover my potential. I have had so many rich experiences and opportunities at Frontier that I personally believe will forever shape and influence my professional life while fostering personal growth and development. 

During my 3 months internship at Frontier, I worked as a (mandarin speaking) Digital Marketing Intern in the marketing team. I worked in a team of 6 people to run Frontiers different social medias online as well as reporting, creating campaigns, AD works, scheduling, social media analysis etc. 

Reflecting on my experience at Frontier, the internship programme has made immeasurable impacts in my aptitude in varied fields such as: Teamwork, Report writing/Analytical writing, Organisational skills, intercultural competence, Excel, marketing skills and of course conservation work! This internship has broadened my Marketing and working in an office knowledge, which was made possible through my Manager that guided me throughout my internship in reaching my full potential by the end. 

It has been a wonderful experience at Frontier and I would recommend this company to anyone that is interested in learning more about conservation, as well as, broadening their marketing skills and more! I am excited to use the skills that I have learnt at Frontier in another company as I am more confident in performing them after my internship at Frontier.

8th October -13th December 2019

Genevieve  Tomes Online Journalism Intern

Genevieve Tomes - Online Journalism Intern

What was meant to be a brief three months quickly extended because I had such a great experience with Frontier. I found the office a welcoming and friendly environment that facilitated my professional development. It expanded from just an online journalism role to running press duties, managing various content and so much more. I gained so much confidence and, more importantly, confidence in my own abilities.

It has been greatly rewarding to see the wonderful experiences our volunteers have in the field, and to be able to help inspire the next bunch of global volunteers. Working within the marketing team has been fantastic as we have a great dynamic, and my manager has been fantastic in allowing me the freedom to take the role in my direction. I’m not convinced that my journey with Frontier is over yet!

26th August – 13th December

Shamsa  Khan Digital Marketing Intern

Shamsa Khan - Digital Marketing Intern

I had a brilliant time working at Frontier. Not only did I enhance my digital marketing skills, I also learnt so much more about the world of conservation.

This was the best internship that I could have embarked upon. The marketing team, especially the marketing manager were very supportive throughout the duration of my internship. I always felt that my work was appreciated here at Frontier. 

I have grown a lot in these past three months, both as a digital marketer and as an eco-friendlier human in the world and I will always be grateful to Frontier for that. Overall, I would recommend this internship to everyone. As I came in with some digital marketing experience, but I left with so many skills and knowledge that I can’t wait to carry over to my next job. 

31st July-11th October 

Olivia  Wallis  Online Journalism Intern

Olivia Wallis - Online Journalism Intern

I began my journey at Frontier as a Journalist intern, where I have gained extensive experience within the Marketing and Communications department. From the get-go, I was given complete autonomy and responsibility by the Head of Marketing, allowing me to develop my own style of writing on a variety of current topics such as the impacts of fast fashion on the environment, commitments to net-zero carbon emissions, and Extinction Rebellion’s recent action across the UK. 

I particularly liked managing the content for the ‘Into the Wild’ blog, conducting research for future articles and campaigns, and playing an instrumental role in producing the quarterly newsletter. This has given me the opportunity to develop my creative flare and bring issues surrounding climate change and the conservation of the environment to the forefront of attention.

I was lucky enough to also with the Events and Sales team, giving me the chance to assist in liaising with guests for upcoming events, representing Frontier at events, and maintaining communication with existing supporters.

What is more, the professional yet easy-going office environment is what made my time at Frontier so enjoyable – a perfect stepping-stone into the world of work! Everyone in the office is optimistic and passionate about conservation and sustainable development, which made every day an absolute pleasure, as everyone truly enjoys the work that they do.

Overall, my time working at Frontier has been extremely rewarding, by giving me a profound sense of purpose and responsibility and help in guiding me to pursue a future career within environmental campaigning, policy and advocacy. Thank you so much for everything!

31st July-11th October 

Masha Oblovataskaya Overseas Operations + Research and Development

Masha Oblovataskaya - Overseas Operations + Research and Development

Overall, I enjoyed the research and development internship that I completed from July until December 2019 with Frontier. I came with Erasmus + program to support myself in London. It was a valuable experience that I will hopefully be able to use to develop my career with the skills I have acquired. Part of the internship also involved going to various events around the country, which was a good opportunity to see different parts of England. 

My main job was to edit the science reports and publish them onto the website, from this I was able to enhance my analytical skills through helping with the statistical analysis of the data collected in the field. Through reading the science reports, I was able to learn more about the conservation efforts for each country Frontier works in, as well as more about the species present.

One of the major challenges for me was finding somewhere to stay during the internship as I am not based in the UK. Fortunately, London has plenty of choice and this meant there was lots to do on my days off! The best part of my internship was my lovely colleagues. I enjoyed working in a diverse environment with different-minded people. I would suggest this internship to anyone needing some extra experience or has an interest in conservation. 

Mee/My Nguyen Digital Marketing Intern

Mee/My Nguyen - Digital Marketing Intern

I completed my 3-month Digital Marketing Internship at Frontier at the end of November 2019. My overall experience with Frontier and the staffs was INCREDIBLE. I was welcomed as a family member and from each of the staff, I learnt unique thing. I made so many connections and friends at Frontier, everyone is friendly and very supportive. Since working with Frontier, I learnt more about conservation works and also Frontier staffs’ passion in protecting the Earth. I felt that I contributed my small work in making differences every day.

I learnt so much about Digital Marketing both in terms of skills and tools. The Marketing Manager was very keen to teach and share knowledge with me which I felt I was totally on board and was trusted to take ownership of tasks. The best thing is I were able to see the impacts of my works on the company digital channels. Though the team was not big but each of us appreciated other members’ point of views and I regarded them as friends for life. Definitely recommend the internship to anyone who would like to have first hand experience and be involved in conservation works.

September - November 2019

Lucy Cockerell Overseas Operations + Research and Development

Lucy Cockerell - Overseas Operations + Research and Development

While interning at Frontier, I have gained experience in several different areas. I started in the Operations department where I developed skills in administration, organization, CV-screening, interviewing and more.

I then moved on to the Research and Development department, where I assisted in writing and publishing the scientific reports, writing grant proposals, responding to dissertation students etc.

I enjoyed being given quite a lot of responsibility from the start even though some days could sometimes be slightly overwhelming as there was much to keep track of and I was the only research intern for quite a while, but every day was different and interesting and I did receive a lot of assistance from Alex (Field Ops Officer) and Lau (Field Ops Manager).

I particularly liked reviewing the scientific reports, going to events and it was also fun to learn about LaTex, GIS and research grants. In addition, the work environment and the team not only in this department, but in the whole office, has been so great and has made coming into the office (almost) every day a real pleasure!

I really liked the professional yet laid back office culture where the majority of people are positive, engaging and happy to help while also sharing an enthusiasm for conservation and sustainable development. I will now be moving on to the UNEP internship and I believe this placement was an important stepping-stone for me to get that position.

Overall this has been a very rewarding five months and hopefully I'll be going out to a field trip with Frontier in the coming year. I will definitely miss working here - thanks for everything!

30th Jan - 28th June 2019

Katey  Fisher Overseas Operations + Research and Development internship

Katey Fisher - Overseas Operations + Research and Development internship

It's been a great experience working for Frontier; working with an amazing team who support each other has made my experience even better. I have been able to broaden my skills in administration, operations, logistics and research, while being able to give talks to University students. The opportunity to work in a small team means that you get a lot of responsibility and you are able to represent a Conservation organisation in reaching its aims.

I am sad that I wasn't able to stay longer as the financial support that Frontier give isn't sustainable - this explains why there is such a high turnover in staff. Also, because of this quite a lot of time is put into training people. In the future, for Frontier to become a company that is able to pay their interns would in fact benefit them.

This either would be from more experienced staff who are able to build stronger relationships with all departments and enable them to employ a more diverse background of staff where people from all backgrounds can have the opportunity to work for Frontier. I am so grateful for this internship opportunity and have worked hard with Costa Rica's research so I would love to go out as an ARO or RO in Costa Rica in the near future.

Hanna Dokal Online Journalism Intern

Hanna Dokal - Online Journalism Intern

Hanna joined Frontier as an Online Journalism Intern just over a month ago. Having completed a degree in English Literature, journalism has always been her ideal career path. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Global Governance and Ethics which covers a broad range of political topics including Environmental Law. She runs her own blog and has written for other publications about the environment, ethics and community progression which is why she chose to apply for the internship with Frontier. The role combines her interests and skills honed by both the degrees. Writing about environmental issues enables her to do what she is passionate about, allowing her to gain new knowledge and skills such as social media management and formatting.

Maddie Pinkess Project Development Intern

Maddie Pinkess - Project Development Intern

I have always wanted to pursue a career in conservation; at the age of 18, I went on my first conservation expedition, volunteering in Honduras in order to help collect data on the Biodiversity of the region. I spent one week in the cloud forest and one unforgettable week on a small island, collecting marine biodiversity data in waters that were off-limits to commercial divers and fishermen.

After this volunteering experience, I was certain I wanted to study Zoology at university and completed my degree at The University of Leeds. This included a study year abroad, living in Melbourne, Australia, for 13 Months during which I studied, worked and travelled extensively. From my new base south of the equator I took the opportunity to travel frequently around the continental mainland, taking trips to neighbouring states of New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania. I also spent time in Fiji, New Zealand and Bali during this year, and witnessed the extraordinary biodiversity on this side of the world. My most recent trip was to Hawaii, where I tried my hand at travelling alone. I stopped for 10 days and explored the Central Pacific State, as I flew the long way around the world on the way home from Melbourne to London.

On returning to Leeds for my final year of study, I chose modules that concentrated on sustainability issues and the not for profit sector, to further my understanding of environmental problems and the global projects that tackle them. I thoroughly enjoyed this module and have obtained an eagerness to expand my knowledge of development issues. This has been made possible by working with Frontier. As a project development intern, I have gained experience at an extremely well-known conservation and development NGO. Despite only recently starting my internship I have already been given a lot of responsibilities and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to contact conservation organisations around the world and set up partnerships with them. By the end of my internship, I will have gained valuable experience for pursuing a career in conservation and sustainable development.

Piera Spinelli Barrile Project Development Intern

Piera Spinelli Barrile - Project Development Intern

Since a very young age, I remember travelling in several countries and meeting people from the most different background and experiences. The most relevant experience that has shaped my attitude towards life was being born and living in Haiti for over 10 years. Growing up in a developing country and having to move abroad for studies has represented an important step in my life showing how much work needs to be done and how my contribution could help to improve the lives of those more in need.

This has pushed me to deepen my knowledge in international development. First, travelling in several countries in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean; and then, completing my Masters degree in Development Studies at SOAS University of London where I learned more about the politics and economies of developing countries and their relations with development organizations. These combined experiences have paved the way for my future career plans in the field of community development.

With this internship, I am sure I will gain valuable experience on how the process of developing a project works. From deciding where and with whom to start a new project, to its monitoring and evaluation and all the other aspects that are in-between. This will represent an important step for becoming later a Project Manager.


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