project review


Review submitted by Carson Dittman
Review date 4 jul. 2018


This project absolutely changed my life. The transport from the airport to Suva is very straightforward. And although it's a long bus ride it's worth the travel. Our project coordinator, Natasha, met me at the bus station with three other volunteers. She gave us the low down about the trip and answered all of our questions, taking us around the city and getting our paperwork done.

 If I could make any recommendation to a volunteer it would be to stay in the homestay and not the colonial lodge that is offered. You will have such a much richer Fijian experience. The food they cook is divine, and although I am a vegan, it was never a problem so any kind of food constraint will be taken care of. The families are usually quite religious but they don’t force you to be religious in any way. They will love you for all of your differences and learn as much from you, as you will learn from them. You can be as involved with the family as much as you want and can have plenty of time for yourself if that's what you wish.

We started at the school on a Wednesday. I was expecting to teach only sports but ended up being a sort of substitute teacher whenever needed. I loved that I was able to teach both in the classroom and sports. I taught them mostly ice breaker sort of games instead of ones they already knew like steal the bacon, spud, duck duck goose, and for the younger ones some ring around the Rosie and tag. The kids in Fiji are the sweetest, most respectful, tough little things in the world. Most of them live off very little but live life as though they have millions. You will be changed by simply playing with the lovely kids. You can do whatever you want at the school and be as involved with the school as you would like. I guarantee you will want to stay longer than you signed up for (1 month for me). Traveling to islands, the rainforest, and other villages in the interior of Viti Levu (the main island where Suva is located), and going out on the town with the other volunteers on your weekends off is a must. There is plenty to do if you go out and find it. There is a great gym and the local university as well. Safety is not an issue as long as you are smart and aware of your surroundings. Everything is fairly cheap in Fiji. I would recommend simply taking a debit card instead of loads of cash because it is free to take money out at certain ATMs. All in all a great and life changing experience. 

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