project review


Review submitted by Robert Heywood
Review date 11 jul. 2018


I am in the last week of my project and I’ve had a really great time. Fiji is very different to how I expected. The centre of Suva is actually fairly modern and, while the house is pretty basic, it certainly isn’t the mud hut I expected it to be. Also, it rains quite a lot in Suva which I wasn’t expecting. I spend my days doing a mixture of teaching English and Maths and coaching sports to 12/13 year olds. Even though I signed up for the sports coaching project, I actually found that I really enjoyed teaching in the classroom and so I probably did more of this than sports coaching. I was a classroom assistant, but the teacher was really nice and let me teach lots of English and Maths lessons on my own. When it came to the sports, it was the athletics season here but the athletics area was under refurbishment and so there were no main sports on this term. As a result, I ended up coaching a mixture of basketball, volleyball and rugby, but it was all really good fun. The weekends are probably my favourite part, as we get to go to paradise beaches and relax in the sun.


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