project review

Nothing Beats That!

Review submitted by Michelle Schindelheim
Review date 17 nov. 2019


These past 3 weeks have been overwhelmingly wonderful. My daughter (18 years old) Erica and I almost didn´t make it because of all the fear thrown at us, especially by close relatives. One of them went so far as to have her congressman send us all an email which painted Venezuela as the scariest place on Earth, with all things sure to happen… the most horrible you can think of. 

Nothing could be further from the truth! Our time here was incredibly tranquil; a welcome respite from New York City, where we live. We worked with the children, and as a mother, I so loved coteaching a class with my daughter. I saw so much in her that I had never before gotten the privilege to see. The children themselves were a delight, really beautiful souls, appreciative, kind and loving. 
Chirikayen was another world. To be honest, I had hoped my daughter would come away from the experience there, understanding how privileged she was to live amidst the abundance of the USA. But instead, at the end of our stay I was sad to leave and go back to the USA because it is the Indigenous of Chirikayen that are truly blessed to be living the lives they lead. 
In an age when we all in the modern, western world feel so disconnected from one another and the Earth, the Indigenous of Chirikayen stay close to the Earth and eachother always. People always have family and friends around them and nearby. Of course, they can have solitude as well if they wish for a time. 
Having electricity from 6 to 10pm is a blessing as well, because it forces you to live according to your body´s natural rhythms: Up with the sun, to bed with the sun. I saw how easy it was to cook simple, wholesome meals from scratch (with no additives, preservatives or chemicals) eating solely unprocessed foods for3 weeks was a real gift. 
Lastly, I saw that as a mom, I was able to watch my daughter explore beyond her comfort zone, trying new experiences that she never thought she would, and come out the other side feeling so good and proud of herself. Nothing beats that!