project review


Review submitted by RA
Review date 18 mar. 2018


Frontier Madagascar really gave me all that I was looking for with a very well organised and massively rewarding programme which really pushed me in every way. Not only did I find that I was quickly absorbed into the culture of the country but also was suddenly very much aware that I was an important person for hundreds of children who would wait on every word I would pronounce in English as if it was the first word they had ever heard in the language - for some I think it was!

The support structure in country was outstanding, everyone was along the same line of thinking and I felt quickly at home. The staff really understand the importance of the projects and are fiercely loyal to their volunteers. I cannot recommend it thoroughly enough!

Considering I was here for a few months, I felt that I had excellent value for money from the project. Every day was a new adventure and my fellow volunteers all felt similarly. Go ahead and volunteer with Frontier on any of their projects - you won't regret it!

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