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Fiji Volunteer Diaries 1st March 2006

Review submitted by Frontier
Review date 18 nov. 2019


Bula from Fiji! This is our first update from the new Frontier-Fiji Marine Research Project. The staff have been in-country for the last two months working on establishing the new project site, and the camp is under construction as we speak. It will consist of eco-friendly traditionally built burres made from materials all taken from the site. The site itself is truly beautiful: a backdrop of mountains covered with pristine cloud forest shrouds our remote, sandy. There is excellent snorkelling just off the beach where the staff have been working for many hours to construct the fish, coral and algae species lists. So far we have over 160 fish on the list with numerous sightings of sharks, turtles and sea snakes! Already resident on the camp are a number of loud parrots that wake us every morning with their loud squawks.

We have been working closely with the local communities of the island to tailor the work programme to their needs regarding the research and protection of local marine resources. This will consist of carrying out surveys on the small marine protected areas that all the villages of the island have set up in the last four years. All of the locals are showing a keen interest in our work and are getting very excited about the imminent arrival of our first group of RAs. All of this, of course, involves consuming copious amounts of the local brew - cava, or grog as it is locally known. At present they are planning a small(ish) welcoming committee for when our first group gets here. No doubt this will involve even more grog!

Until then, moce from all the staff.

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