project review

Definitely the best experience of my life so far

Review submitted by Mehul Bhudia
Review date 3 jun. 2018


Volunteering in Goa has really been an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Goa is a beautiful place but during my time there I got to see the good and the bad sides of India. I participated in the slums and the kindergarten project. I really enjoyed both and felt I made a positive impact. If I had to choose which the better project was, I would definitely choose the slums. I got the chance to teach children at the slums but I also got the chance to learn from the children. I taught maths, English, history and motivational skills but I feel I have learnt a lot more from them than what I was able to teach them.

I learnt that my life should be about giving to those who need and being able to stay happy with less. They have so little in terms of materialistic items compared to me but the happiness they have is much greater than what I have and that is what is most important. This project gives you a chance to make a positive change in the world but it also rewards you with an unforgettable experience and learning curve which definitely helps you develop more as a human being. I would definitely take part in this project once again and would fully recommend it to others. It is a way that you are able to help others and a way that those you help are able to help you. I thank Frontier for giving me the opportunity of taking part in this project. Definitely the best experience of my life so far.

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