project review


Review submitted by Adam Lagerberg
Review date 4 jul. 2018


Before arriving in Beqa I was nervous about being away by myself, however after meeting the staff and the other volunteers I felt at home right from the start, and they couldn't have made settling in easier. Although the camp was basic, it wasn't as basic as I was expecting, it did have a source of running water and a basic kitchen, along with I proper-ish toilet. The location of the project gives volunteers the opportunity to see a very different culture, where peoples lives are not focussed on working, but for doing jobs for each other. Camp itself is well run with a rota ensuring camp is clean and people are fed, although initially the thought of cooking for so many people seemed daunting, advice and suggestions are always at hand from ARO's and other volunteers who are happy to help. During the project I was involved with mapping the cove for where mangroves were present, and then started trying to establish what fish were present in the mangroves. Most mornings I went out with the marine conservationists where I was able to snorkel above them, as the water was so clear there is no shortage of things to see. While on camp I was able to learn the names of some of the fish present at the dive sights, this made it very rewarding when I found I was able to name a lot of the fish I saw. I had an amazing time on Beqa and would recommend it to anyone wanting to travel abroad.