project review

Duck, duck, duck, chicken!

Review submitted by Amy and Tessa
Review date 11 jul. 2018


As we waded from the boat to the shore of the village with our bags held above our heads we wondered what we had got ourselves into. Apprehension was soon overcome by joy as we were greeted by inquisitive children shouting "Hello, how are you?" and were introduced to Louise, the village cook, who would be looking after us for the next few weeks. After a delicious meal of black beans and tomatoes in Schoolkids at windowLouise’s hut, we thought it would be best to get an early night in preparation for the big teaching day in the morning. Getting up bright and early for a wash in the sea, we were soon ready for the day ahead. As we made the one minute trip from our hut to the school, we were surrounded by excited children shouting "Ecole!" and following us, eager to get into school.

Normally there are between seven and ten children ranging from three to sixteen years old. We’ve been really impressed by their level of English and their enthusiasm to learn. We’ve covered a huge variety of vocabulary as well as teaching them songs and games. The game ‘duck, duck, duck, chicken’ has become a firm favourite, especially with the competitive boys!

We’re having an amazing time so far and feel very lucky and privileged to be made so welcome by the village.

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