project review

Snippets from a volunteer group

Review submitted by Youth Group
Review date 18 mar. 2018


"The staff got on great with the group. Went the extra mile. 100% happy!"

"The work was extremely worthwhile"

“The project was a great success and Maggie’s contribution was fantastic”

“The project and experience was awesome and out co-ordinator was excellent and really helpful”

“Elephant ride was amazing”

“It was a good laugh”

“We got a warm welcome”

“Couldn’t have done it any better”

“The project most definitely inspired me. It has shown me a lot about life”

“Do it, you don’t know what you’re missing”

“Well the whole trip was brilliant. The activities were fab and I couldn’t really ask for more”

“Laid back and fun”

“Very well organised”

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