project review

Back to normal life but still smiling

Review submitted by Eva Rampazzo
Review date 19 nov. 2019


The 4 weeks I have spent here have been a fantastic experience! I’m back to my “normal life” now, but can’t help smiling! It has been a journey for me. I wanted to do something different, see something new and possibly give a meaning to that experience.

First time in South America and first time as a volunteer! When I arrived after an incredibly long trip I was wondering where I was and trying to grasp what that was all about. The place was really beautiful, the nature and the landscape were breathtaking. It really is an amazing place for personal development: you can make what you want out of it! There are different options on the way you can contribute and my experience in the Teaching and Tutoring programs was really rewarding.

Working with the kids had been good fun and I loved it when they expressed words of appreciation to our work and the fact that they enjoyed learning English and eager to try new things out. And when meeting them on the streets and hearing “Hola Profe!!” I must admit that made me feel good!

The cooperative living part was the least easy for me, used to total freedom and independence, the life together in a shared space sometimes was pushing my limits a bit but the people I’ve met have definitely left a trace in me. Once we got to know each other better it was really good fun to spend time and have a laugh together.

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