project review

Teaching, culture and crazy buses

Review submitted by Luke Robinson
Review date 17 jun. 2018


I spent about two weeks in Goa with Ashtead Youth Group and had an amazing time. I have really enjoyed doing the project, it has really changed my life and how I view things. Like we really do not understand how lucky we are with the things we have and the family we have got.

It was an amazing couple of weeks with helping out at the school and the orphanage. I have really learnt a lot about the Indian culture and especially the crazy local buses! Even in our free time we were busy, and the extra activities we did, like the elephant ride and the visit to the spice plantation, were amazing!

I had an awesome time there and it has encouraged me to travel more and I want to go back to see how the projects in the school and the orphanage are getting on. As a group we would consider sponsoring the orphanage. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to go on the trip and I would definitely consider coming again and going to some different countries and helping out on some other Frontier projects.

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