project review

Amazings things I have learnt on Fiji Marine Camp...

Review submitted by Lawrence Hafez
Review date 13 ago. 2018


4 weeks into the best decision I have ever taken, I find myself writing this diary entry, so the question I ask myself what have I learnt?

Firstly, mother nature will leave you speechless on a daily basis on camp, whether it be the sight of a 4 meter Manta Ray gliding into a blue abyss, to the amount of rain that can fall on a given day.

Secondly, the people are truly from another world when comparing them to a typical Londoner like myself, for I have never seen such kindness and hospitality than offered by our adoptive families.

Thirdly, learn to cook and ensure you are able to work in a team.

Finally Island life is no holiday, there is serious scientific work being carried out here on the Island and to fully participate requires 100% effort which on my part takes the form of the Herculean task of learning over 200 species of fish.

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