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Special Offer: We have reduced the price of all Frontier projects in Senegal to £595 for two weeks!!

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Why should I choose Frontier?

Frontier is a registered PADI Educational Facility (s32482) and employs a Dive Officer (trained to Dive Instructor level) and a Divemaster at most marine camps.

Scuba diving is an amazing experience wherever you try it but working on a marine conservation project with Frontier enables you to explore some of the top dive sites of the world. From diving with reef fish, dolphins and sharks in Madagascar to discovering sea turtles and manta rays whilst scuba diving in Fiji or finding yourself diving alongside immense whale sharks in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania. There's a whole new world to explore as you delve beneath the ocean's surface.

What if I've never dived before?

If you have not dived before, never fear!

Our professional dive officers can train and qualify you during your placement, up to PADI Advanced Open Water!

We advise you to undertake a try-dive before you leave for your project to ensure that you are happy with basic skills before undertaking the training overseas. Arrange with a local dive shop to do this and let them know you're diving for a good cause – they might let you do it for free!

What is PADI?

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) offer a wide range of training programmes to help you learn how to scuba dive and have teamed up with us to offer you the training!

A little bit about the company

With more than 40 years experience behind them, PADI are the leading experts in scuba diving and training. The PADI name promises quality, excitement and the chance to see some of the best dive sites in the world. From an idea dreamt up over a bottle of Scotch between two friends, PADI has grown to over 400 employees worldwide and international acclaim.

PADI not only trains their divers to become experts in scuba diving, but they also work hard to keep the integrity of the business and to improve marine conservation wherever they go. They teach their divers to have respect for the diving areas, and to become active members in the protection and promotion of these beautiful underwater worlds.

A little bit about our partnership

PADI and Frontier have joined forces to be able to offer you the best experience you can have on your diving project. Visit some of the world's most beautiful coastal areas and coral reefs, and help to preserve these delicate ecosystems as you train to PADI Advanced Open Water. You have the chance to become an integral part of one of PADI and Frontier's overall goals – the conservation of marine habitats and wildlife.