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What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language' and is also sometimes called TESL 'Teaching English as a Second Language' or TESOL ‘Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.’

Teaching abroad on a gap year is a great opportunity to gain experience for teaching courses or teaching jobs, while making a valuable contribution to the disadvantaged communities with whom you are living. Volunteer teachers do not need any prior experience to teach abroad with Frontier as our teaching projects are designed for people who are teaching for the first time.

Teaching is not just about transferring knowledge, it is about building confidence and trust and about forging friendships. Volunteers' help can give children a sense of confidence, encourage their enthusiasm and ambition, and even improve their opportunities for the future. Before long, classes become like a family and teachers enjoy attending local festivals, learning about the culture and partaking in various different local activities whilst making a contribution to a brighter, happier future.

Children (and adults) in impoverished communities have a much better chance for the future with a well-rounded education combined with good English skills. In many countries education is the main way of combating the inevitability of poverty, deprivation and even being sold into slavery, consequently teaching programmes are vitally important.

While most children are extremely keen to learn and attend school at both primary and secondary levels, there are many families who could never afford to send their children to a good school, and many schools have very poor educational resources, facilities and infrastructure. These are just some of the reasons for the increasing disparity between the wealthy and the poor in many countries. Set up specifically to help combat this inequality, our projects aim to focus on providing education to the neediest families. Volunteer teachers not only bring a great deal of experience, but also expose the students to the benefits of a true multicultural education. Many local people have seen the value of an improved level of education for their children and other educators have followed the example, bringing a global education to the most disadvantaged children in the community.

What's the TEFL BTEC Advanced Certificate?

If you are serious about teaching or want a more formal qualification to add to your CV, why not complete your teaching experience with a level 3 BTEC Advanced Certificate in the Practice of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, accredited by one of the UK's leading examining bodies, Edexcel! We are the only organisation able to offer this fantastic new qualification which combines face-to-face training, learning, practical experience on an overseas placement and internationally recognised accreditation.

What do I get from Frontier?

Open up a world of opportunity with this unique TEFL BTEC qualification from Frontier. Our intensive weekend training courses are run by TEFL advisors with experience of community work and teaching children overseas and have been designed for anyone who would like to develop their natural ability to teach others in a fun, interesting and stress-free environment. Our intensive weekend course is structured to provide candidates with the basic skills to teach English without any prior experience or a degree standard education. And all of this leads to a recognised qualification accredited by Edexcel.

What's the aim of the course?

The objectives of the course are to give you groundwork in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and enable you to walk into your first class as a prepared and confident teacher. Your qualification will provide you with the basic teaching skills, background knowledge and awareness that will enable you to develop and improve your classroom presence. The training weekend isn't intended to apply in all teaching contexts or cover all aspects of teaching but simply to give you a basic understanding of what is involved, get you started on your BTEC requirements and of course to have some fun! You'll arrive Saturday morning at the London HQ in Shoreditch and have a little time to sit down and relax with a hot drink before your training starts. You'll be thrown into the deep end straight away with lots of games to help you get to know your fellow trainee teachers, practice activities, presentations and even one or two short tests. All weekend you will cover a range of different topics to aid your time as an overseas teaching volunteer.

What does the BTEC cover?

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), like any other teaching job, is about conveying information to students in an informative and interesting manner. This course is activity based, which means that you learn the underlying principles of TEFL by taking part and doing it. All the activities you do during the weekend you could be using with your own students wherever you teach in the world.

The Frontier TEFL BTEC certificate covers the following (and more!):

Unit 1

  1. The foundation of English usage
  2. Basics of English grammar
  3. English use - vocabulary, functions & skills

Unit 2

  1. Teaching technique
  2. Characteristics of a good teacher
  3. Presentation skills
  4. Lesson activities & adaptation
  5. Error correction

Unit 3

  1. Class planning & management
  2. Assessing levels of students
  3. Lesson planning
  4. Using resources for use in a lesson (or a plan for this)
  5. Checking understanding

Unit 4

  1. Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  2. Overseas teaching placement
  3. Logbook & self-assessment

Is the BTEC the same as an A-Level?

The BTECs currently offered by Frontier do not convert directly into UCAS points. This is because our BTECs are customised courses which have been written specifically for our projects and our volunteers. The BTECs are still of course fully recognised by Edexcel, being part of the customised qualifications framework, which uses the same criteria and standards as the national qualifications framework. Our BTECs are all considered to be Level 3 qualifications, the same level as A-Levels on the NQF. These are very worthwhile qualifications which can provide significant assistance with university and employment applications. Their worth lies in the acknowledgement of the level and depth of knowledge gained in a subject area which is recognised by a nationally accredited organisation.